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General Assembly 2014

On Tuesday December 16, 2014 around 70 ISOC members gather at NOVA CLUB – SIN EL FIL to attend ISOC Lebanon General Assembly meeting “Celebrating ISOC Lebanon 500th Member”. Mr. Nabil Bukhalid, ISOC-LB President, presented to the general assembly ISOC-LB’s activities and progress during 2014. The general assembly discussed and approved the financial statement for 2014, budget for 2015 and plan 2015 activities in line with ISOC Strategic Plan for 2013-2015.

After the general assembly, Dr. Mark Ibrahim introduced CoMIQuaL project.

The presentations were preceded by the distribution of prizes to ISOC-LB 500th member (one year DSL Internet connection 6M-60GB with modem offered by IDM, face value of $700) and to the 1st and 2nd best member recruiters during 2014 (Tablets offered by Microsoft, face value $200 each).

The general assembly was concluded by a cocktail party and a lively classic rock concert by “The Habibees”.

Summary of ISOC-LB Administrative Board Report

(The full presentation is provided for download at the bottom of the page)

ISOC Lebanon activities and strategic focus encompass a broad-spectrum of interlaced core functional areas.

During 2014, the multi-stakeholderism remain center stage within a shared governance framework entrenched in principles of partnership and accountability.

The key focus areas were:
  1. Grow the Multi-Stakeholder Membership
  2. Develop Sustainable Revenue
  3. Develop Strategic Public/Private Partnership
  4. Actively Participate in I* forums
  5. Open Data

ISOC Lebanon develop steadily its multi-stakeholder membership and recruited 100 new members during fiscal 2014 from various sectors and age groups. ISOC-LB member topped 545 members:

ISOC Lebanon organized and participated in the following activities:

ISOC Lebanon raised its regional and global profile through its participation at and contribution to the following functions/activities:

  • Participated in ICANN’s Middle East DNS Forum, Dubai
  • Participated in WWW-2014 Conference, Seoul
  • Actively participating in the development of the Lebanese Internet Center (LINC) and founding member
  • Initiated the Government Open Data initiative and will host the portal
  • Hosted the Middle East ISOC Leadership workshop
  • Actively participating in the AGIF conference
  • Nominated Nabil Bukhalid to the NETmundial Initiative's Coordination Council
  • Negotiating with RIPE the establishment of Train-the-Trainer center in Beirut
  • Negotiating with W3C the establishment of a Middle East Bureau under ISOC-LB
  • Nominated Salam Yamout to RIPE Board of Trustees and Salam was successfully elected

ISOC Lebanon promoted the bottom-up Public Private Partnership through its participation at and contribution to the following functions/activities:

  • Lebanese Internet Center (LINC)
  • Goverment Open Data Portal

ISOC Lebanon sponsored the academic research project “Collaborative Measurement of Internet Quality in Lebanon –CoMIQuaL” in collaboration with CIMTI lab at USJ and Berytech. The project objective is to establish a neutral, transparent, distributed and collaborative platform for measuring the service quality of Internet access of mobile and ADSL users in Lebanon. (Grant USJ $40K and ISOC $10K).

ISOC Lebanon progressed in its four strategic focus areas in line with its Strategic Plan for 2013-2015:

ISOC Lebanon widened its stewardship role as representative of the Internet community in Lebanon and developed strong ties within the Middle East and at the international level.

ISOC Lebanon duly approved Financial Statement for 2014 and Budget for 2015 are provided for download at the bottom of this page. 

ISOC Lebanon General Assembly Posters and Photos

ISOC Lebanon Handing 500th Member and Best-Recruiter Prizes 



ISOC Lebanon General Assembly 2014 Invite

ISOC-LB General Assembly 2014 "Celebrating 500th Member"

ISOC Lebanon Administrative Board invites you to a General Assembly meeting “Celebrating ISOC Lebanon 500th Member” on Tuesday December 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM at NOVA CLUB – SIN EL FIL (under Marguarita Restaurant). The meeting will be followed by music and a live performance by “The Habibees”. Please mark your calendars.

The meeting agenda:

  • Registration (current members and new members)
  • Review the administrative report including the activities of the association.
  • Review of the financial report for fiscal year 2014 and adopting the audited accounts.
  • Review the budget for fiscal year 2015.
  • Review the strategic plan for fiscal year 2015
  • Celebration of ISOC Lebanon the 500th Member
  • Draw of “Best ISOC Advocates” and distribution of prizes
  • Live performance by “The Habibees” Classic Rock from the 60’s to present time
  • Food and drinks

Please notice the following:

  1. Free entry to ISOC Lebanon Members – 10$ including 1 drink for Non-Members
  2. ISOC Lebanon members are invited to upgrade their membership to Voting Members (submit a photocopy of their ID or passport and pay their membership fee LBP 20,000)
  3. ISOC Lebanon Member are invited to recruit new member and bring them along to join ISOC Lebanon during the general assembly meeting. Recruiters will increase their chances to win one of the “Best ISOC Advocate” prizes by entering a draw for each newly recruited member.

 This is an official call for ISOC Lebanon General Assembly. To confirm attendance please go to "General Assembly 2014 "Celebrating ISOC Lebanon 500th Member", Sign in using your ISOC membership account and click on the RSVP button. 

Directions to NOVA CLUB (Under Marguarita Restaurant:

Isoc Lebanon,
Dec 8, 2014, 9:34 PM
Isoc Lebanon,
Dec 8, 2014, 9:33 PM
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Jan 13, 2015, 12:48 PM