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Internet Entrepreneurship and the Future of Lebanon

ISOC University Clubs:  Internet Entrepreneurship and the Future of Lebanon

Gabriel Deek, Vice President ISOC Lebanon

 [April 25, 2014 at 1:00 PM – NDU]

A strong culture of entrepreneurship should replace, or at least compete, with the culture of employment especially among Lebanon’s fresh university graduates. ISOC Lebanon will briefly review the pillars of the knowledge economy exposing Lebanon’s competitiveness and stressing on the role of education and the creativity of Lebanon’s university graduates. The challenge is in our ability to trade the Lebanese brain drain or human products by innovative Lebanese made products via entrepreneurial activities. Do we have the adequate entrepreneurial ecosystem to establish Lebanon as an emerging knowledge economy powerhouse?


Gabriel Deek is the founder and CEO of Digital Media Solutions Companies and Manager of eBusiness Solutions Activities for the past 25 years, he was involved in multiple projects related to eBusiness Infrastructure, Multimedia, Advanced Collaboration, Video Production and Post-Production, and News-Room Automation Systems. He is the General Manager of OmniSystems sal an affiliate company to OmniTech Holdings and MIDIS Group. While keeping a close relationship with the Academia, he joined the PCA (Professional Computer Association) in 1996 and was elected Secretary General in March 2003 and President in March 2007, he acts on public initiatives aiming at developing the internet infrastructure and the legal framework. He was recently appointed as Special Ambassador in the Arab Region for the World Summit Award a UN GAID supported initiative.

As an Evaluation Consultant, he was in charge of the final evaluation report of the ESCWA Digital Arabic Content Promotion Project that was launched in 2007.This report was delivered in 2009 along with a detailed Marketing Plan. He was also in charge of the “Business Models for the Promotion of Digital Arabic Content” report delivered to ESCWA in August 2012. Founder and Vice-president of the ISOC Lebanon Chapter since 2010, he founded in 2012 the Lebanon Knowledge Network (LebKnoC) initiative that aims toward opening knowledge centers in various remote areas in order to support local economy and bridge the digital divide.

Nabil Bukhalid is an Internet evangelist and a public speaker in the Internet world. He made many significant contributions to the introduction and development of the Internet in Lebanon. He is principally known for establishing the first Internet node in Lebanon and the .LB Domain Registry. Nabil have served since 1993 as the .LB Administrator and Registrar. Nabil is also the founder of the Lebanese Academic and Research Network (LARN), co-founder of the Lebanese Broadband Manifesto Support Group (LBSG) and BeirutIX. He is also a co-founder and president of the Internet Society Lebanon Chapter (ISOC-LB). Nabil organized, collaborated and presented internationally in numerous conferences on technical and socio-economical concepts related to the Internet and knowledge society.


Internet Society Lebanon is a non-profit multi-stakeholder organization founded in December 2011. ISOC Lebanon provides leadership in Internet related issues and facilitate and support the technical evolution of the Internet as a research, education and business enabling infrastructure. ISOC Lebanon embraces the Internet collective model and seeks diverse and broad membership from organizations, communities and individuals to work together on the advancement of the Internet in Lebanon, guided by the Internet key principles: collaboration; openness; transparency; and inclusiveness.


The Internet makes the world a better place. Since its creation, it has given us a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. The Internet improved the quality of life for people in all parts of the world and with your contribution can continue to do so. Join ISOC Lebanon today!    

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