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ISOC Lebanon Gathering (March 21, 2013)

On March 21, 2013, around 60 ISOC members, Internet decision makers and stakeholders gather at Salle Polyvalente USJ (Mathaf) to discuss ISOC Lebanon Strategic Plan for 2013-2015

Mr. Nabil Bukhalid, President ISOC Lebanon, initiated the discussions with an overview of the "ISOC-LB Strategic Plan 2013-2015". The discussion continued with a reflection on how and why the Internet is such a strategic resource for Lebanon and how to involve the Lebanese community and next generation ISOC members in becoming actively involved.

Mr. Stefan Bazan introduced the W3,LB series of conferences.

The presentations were preceded by the distribution of certificates to the RPKI and DNSSEC workshops' participants and the gathering was concluded by a cocktail party and networking in a jovial atmosphere.


Join ISOC Lebanon Gathering "Strategic Plan for a Better Internet"

March 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Salle Polyvalente, Bâtiment C, Campus des Sciences Humaines, USJ, Rue de Damas 


                                   Open Invitation –  Free Registration

ISOC Lebanon members and DNSSEC and RPKI-BGP workshops participants will gather to enjoy a jovial atmosphere and network.

·         We will discuss ISOC’s Strategic Plan 2013 -2015.

·         We will celebrate the completion of the DNSSEC workshop.

·         We will celebrate the completion of the RPKI-BGP workshop.

·         We will learn about the W3-LB series of conferences.


Relaxed casual dress code   -   Cocktail party will follow    -   Ample parking space