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BBA- Introducing ISOC

Introducing ISOC and Open Data Initiative

Nabil Bukhalid, President ISOC Lebanon

 [March 26, 2014 – 3:00 PM – Beirut Bar Association]


The Open Data and Linked Data “Semantic Web” movement is gathering momentum with ever larger volumes of new data being made available and in parallel there is a growing need to find ways to make better use of this information. To date the emphasis has rightly been on communicating key technology principles, but sustainable use of Semantic Web resources, particularly within a commercial context, requires that a broader range of issues are addressed. For example, what legal issues relate to the collection and re-publication of data from existing resources, and how do these vary internationally? Can incorrectly applied rights statements hamper re-use of data? How should community norms, like attribution, be fostered within a global community of data re-users? ISOC Lebanon presentation will introduce the Open Data and Linked Data concepts and attempt to expose the social and legal aspects. The objective is to provide the participants with an understanding of the broader range of issues relevant to global Open Data and Linked Data publishing, and instigate further discussions and brainstorming sessions around the subject leading to recommendations and a position paper guiding the establishment of an adequate legal framework in Lebanon to facilitate the creation of public data commons.

Nabil Bukhalid is an Internet evangelist and a public speaker in the Internet world. He made many significant contributions to the introduction and development of the Internet in Lebanon. He is principally known for establishing the first Internet node in Lebanon and the .LB Domain Registry. Nabil have served since 1993 as the .LB Administrator and Registrar. Nabil is also the founder of the Lebanese Academic and Research Network (LARN), co-founder of the Lebanese Broadband Manifesto Support Group (LBSG) and BeirutIX. He is also a co-founder and president of the Internet Society Lebanon Chapter (ISOC-LB). Nabil organized, collaborated and presented internationally in numerous conferences on technical and socio-economical concepts related to the Internet and knowledge society.

Nabil’s leadership and managerial experience is rich in change management opportunities and paradigm shift challenges. He served for thirty years at the American University of Beirut and his career path have evolved from biomedical engineer to director of computing and networking services and chief enterprise architect with focus on creating value by investigating and implementing innovative information and communication technology solutions for medical care, learning purposes and administration in higher education. Nabil attended AUB, where he earned both his BEE (1981) and EMBA (2006).


Internet Society Lebanon is a non-profit multi-stakeholder organization founded in December 2011. ISOC Lebanon provides leadership in Internet related issues and facilitate and support the technical evolution of the Internet as a research, education and business enabling infrastructure. ISOC Lebanon embraces the Internet collective model and seeks diverse and broad membership from organizations, communities and individuals to work together on the advancement of the Internet in Lebanon, guided by the Internet key principles: collaboration; openness; transparency; and inclusiveness.

The Internet makes the world a better place. Since its creation, it has given us a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. The Internet improved the quality of life for people in all parts of the world and with your contribution can continue to do so. Join ISOC Lebanon today!    

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