• Electoral Board

    Nabil Bou Khalid

    Gabriel Deek

    Salam Yamout

    Therese Saliba

    Sabah Korm

    Jack Bakaev

    Stéphan Bazzane

    Marc Ibrahim

    Walid Karam

    Bernard Sadaka

    Antoine Assaf

    Nicolas Rouhana

    Charbel Kareh

    Charbel Chbeir

    Linda Kassem

    Diana Bou Ghanem

    Layal Jebran

    Nelly Baz

    Sabrine Saad

    Naim Zard

  • The Nominees

    Board 2018-2020

    Nabil Bou Khalid

    Election Statement of Interest

    I am interested in serving again on ISOC (Lebanon Chapter) Board and being semi-retired, I will be able to devote the appropriate time to the Board service.
    My predominant interests at this phase are the bottom-up multi-stakeholder Internet governance and the empowerment of ISOC chapters as I believe that the chapters have a crucial role to play in the transformation of the Internet Society into a real international bottom-up multistakeholder organization. I’ve been, for a while now, actively involved in these areas at the national, regional and international levels and within special working groups formed by ICANN, ISOC, and WEF.
    My professional experience spans from Higher Education and Healthcare in a 501(c) US accredited university, to the establishment of the .lb ccTLD registry and managing it as a pro bono registry operated by volunteers, to the co-founding of ISOC Lebanon Chapter, Beirut Internet Exchange, and the Lebanese Internet Center.
    I believe that the Internet is at a critical crossroad and the board of ISOC Lebanon should focus on:
    ISOC Lebanon Chapter internal issues such as enlarging, diversifying and engaging its membership base, diversifying its financing mechanisms, improving its marketing and presence;
    Local issues such as Internet governance in Lebanon, online regulations, access, infrastructure, quality of service, cybersecurity, online privacy, personal data protection, trust and emerging technologies such IoT, cloud, AI, online transaction, online payments, blockchain and crypto-technologies; and
    Regional and global issues such as global Internet governance, fragmentation of the Internet, cyberspace security, access divide, trust, routing stability and security, and conflict resolution, arbitration and remediation mechanisms.
    Throughout my carrier, I embraced leadership and administrative responsibilities and transitioned away from strictly technical computing and networking into strategic, governance, regulatory, policy development, lobbying and fundraising space. Accordingly, I believe that I will be able to contribute and add value in driving ISOC Lebanon Chapter in the development and execution of its strategic goals for the betterment of the Internet in Lebanon and globally.
    I also declare that I have no potential conflict of interests.
    Thank you for your consideration.



    Nabil's Biography:


    Nabil Bukhalid is an Internet evangelist and Internet Hall of Fame inductee. Nabil is currently consulting in areas including Internet infrastructure and services, economic and social development utilizing technology, open data and the Internet, datacenters and cloud services, higher education networks, project management, Internet governance and an intersection of Internet policy and technology. He has lead technology efforts focused on Internet infrastructure, governance, and socio-economical impact. Nabil has made significant contributions to the introduction and development of the Internet in Lebanon. He has served since 1993 as the.LB Administrator and Registrar. Nabil is also the co-founder of the Lebanese Broadband Manifesto Support Group and Beirut IX. He is also a co-founder and ex-officio president of the Internet Society Lebanon Chapter (ISOC-LB), co-founder and CEO of the Lebanese Internet Center (LINC), advisory board member of the Lebanese Canadian Tech Hub and COO of Northern Investment Partners. He served for thirty years as the director of computing and networking services and chief enterprise architect at the American University of Beirut. Nabil attended AUB, where he earned both his BEE (1981) and EMBA (2006).​

    Jack Bakaev

    Election Statement

    I am presenting my candidacy for the board of ISOC for the years 2018-2020
    I served as ISOC Lebanon chapter secretary during the term of 2016-2018, and I hope I have met your expectations.
    I am asking for your support in this election so I may continue my active involvement for another term.
    If re-elected, I will offer my energy and my commitment to help to develop ISOC as the independent source of leadership for Internet policy, technology standards and future development.


    Jack's Biography:


    Retired brigadier-general of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of Lebanon, served mostly as an IT specialist in the ISF IT department.
    Lebanese Military academy graduate, holding a BS in computer science and an MBA
    Worked on building an anti-cybercrime unit in the ISF and participated in drafting the Lebanese E-transaction draft law.
    Currently engaged in Digital Transformation and IT and Management consultancy, focusing on IT governance, information security, cybercrime in the enterprise environment.
    Specialized in information security management systems (ISO/IEC 27001), lead cybersecurity manager (ISO/IEC 27032), IT Governance (COBIT 5), project management (PMP) and digital forensics
    Board member of the Internet Society – Lebanon chapter (ISOC Lebanon), chapter secretary.

    Nicolas Rouhana

    Election Statement

    As I am very much involved in the Lebanese start-up ecosystem in Lebanon since 2002, as well as administrating since inception the first Internet eXchange Point in Lebanon from 2007 to 2015, I believe I have particular expertise and interest in developing IXPs & Content Development Networks (CDNs) & IPv6 deployments, as well as entrepreneurship using the digital economy, which constitutes main pillars of ISOC Lebanon mandate, in which I can add value is on the board of ISOC Lebanon.


    Nicolas' Biography:


    Dr. Nicolas Rouhana is currently the General Manager of IM Capital, funded under USAID MENA Investment Initiative, providing Matching Capital, Equity Guarantee, and Technical Assistance to early-stage businesses and investors in Lebanon. Between 2002 & 2015, Dr. Rouhana was the Executive Director of Berytech Technological Pole, a leading Technology Business Innovation & Incubation Center in Lebanon. He was also the senior technical advisor to Berytech Fund, the first Lebanese Venture Capital fund for start-ups, and Associate Professor at Saint-Joseph University. He is Vice-President of Internet Society-Lebanon Chapter, a board member of Berytech, and the current Chairman of Speed@BDD the first tech accelerator in Lebanon. Nicolas has a Telecommunications Engineering degree from Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, a Ph.D. in Networking Systems from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, and an EDP graduate from INSEAD, France.

    Layal Jebran

    Election Statement

    Contributor to the Lebanese startup community for the last five years, I'm also a cybersecurity researcher and analyst, lecturing best online practices in both the American University of Beirut and the USJ. I have contributed to the inception of the current communications plan for ISOC Lebanon board 2016-2017 as part of their board and heading the fundraising committee. Given the opportunity for the new board, I can add more value to the board by working on evolving the continuous evolvement of its initiatives.​


    Layal's Biography:


    Recovering architect and designer, turned Social Entrepreneur, founded her first successful startup by the name of Lyl Big Designs during university years, that connected freelance designers to clients, at the moment advising several young entrepreneurs and early-stage startups while serving as CEO & Co-founder of Moubarmij and on the executive board of ISOC Lebanon.
    Started PiC, an NGO which was among the final 20 out of 394 worldwide initiatives, at the Hivos Social Innovation Award in the Netherlands in 2014.
    Currently, she advises multiple crowdfunding campaigns after two years in Heading the Projects Management Department at Zoomaal and becoming the Crowdfunding Expert in the MENA region. Turning ideas from drafts into fully working applications, and then advising them on successful campaigns.
    She also leads Startup Weekend with multiple themes (Startup Weekend Global Editions Competition winner for SW Beirut Environment). Startup Digest Curator Lebanon, Startup Weekend Facilitator, and Techstars Community Leader for Lebanon.
    She is a natural leader with the ability to motivate both individuals and teams and has extensive experience in handling people with considerable empathy. She has developed a profound ability to turn objectives into sales and marketing driven activities to achieve results.

    She is passionate about innovations and sustainable projects that can make a difference to the world and enable other people to a better quality of life with better solutions. She actively supports entrepreneurship and women in business.
    She recently initiated 105hours.com in December 2017, an online platform that enables entrepreneurs everywhere in the world to connect with mentors for help, free of charge.
    Layal also served as a co-founder and helped put into work Cycling Circle and Deghri Messengers. The first bicycle messenger service in the MENA region. She also gives workshops and motivational talks in multiple functions and serves as a mentor, coach, judge, speaker and panelist in different competitions.
    She's the girl from Lebanon's tech women entrepreneurs campaign "Who is Layal?" Chosen as part of the Youth Solutions Report 2017 for organizations shaping the world by the United Nations. And was selected as a ChangeMaker for the CMX in Dubai by Ashoka for 2017, AMENDS Delegate for 2017 at Oxford University and the TechWomen Program 2017 an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

    Layal is the Winner of the #Shabab2030 competition by MBC Hope, Dubai January 2018 and chosen by ICANN for the ICANN61 fellowship in Puerto Rico March 2018.