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General Assembly Invitation 2015 - English

**** Internet Society Lebanon ****

**** Official Call for Election and Candidacy ****

Beirut, January 23, 2016

Dear ISOC Lebanon Colleagues;

ISOC Lebanon Administrative Board invites you to a General Assembly meeting on Thursday February 25, 2016 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be dedicated to the election of a new Administrative Board. Please mark your calendars.

In the case there is no majority quorum a second meeting will be held on the same date and location at 7:00 PM with the quorum lowered to "whoever shows up".

The meeting agenda:

  • Review the administrative report including the activities of the association.
  • Review of the financial report for fiscal year 2015 and adopting the audited accounts.
  • Review the budget for fiscal year 2016.
  • Formation of the Elections Committee from members other than candidates.
  • Electing the members of the administrative board.
  • Announcement of election results.

Please notice the following:

1.    ISOC Lebanon is managed by an Administrative Board formed of 4 members.

2.    The participation to the election is restricted to ISOC Lebanon members who are in good standing (have paid their membership dues before December 31, 2015). ISOC published the electoral body on its website. The challenge period is open until February 18, 2016 and considered final afterward.

3.    The call for candidacy is open from January 23, 2016  8:00 AM to February 7, 2016 5:00 PM. Members who are in good standing can submit their candidacy by completing, signing and submitting an CANDIDACY FORM (copy attached).

4.    ISOC will publish the approved list of candidates on February 15, 2016 being 10 days before the election date.

5.    An ISOC voting member wishing to vote at the general assembly meeting via proxy shall designate a voting member from the general assembly by completing, signing and submitting an PROXY FORM  (copy attached)

6.    ISOC Lebanon will be posting the final list of voters and candidates on February 18, 2016 being 7 days before the election date.  

This is an official call for the election of a new ISOC Lebanon Administrative Board and a call for candidacy. Please visit for more information. 

Best regards, 

Nabil Adib Bukhalid                                         Salam Souhal Yamout

President                                                            Secretary