(Tentative go live on February 1, 2021)



    01/10/2020 - The LBDR is operating under force-majeure conditions. Services will be maintained based on best efforts.

    07/12/2020 - The LBDR is currently experiencing significant delays in dispatching change request tickets.

    15/12/2020 - The LBDR is unable to dispatch domain registration and update requests since December 15, 2020.



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    Check .lb directory for availability and status, click here!



    Enter the name of the domain and press the Search button. The search string must be the exact domain name excluding any root part (i.e. aub and not aub.edu.lb). The search engine will look for matches in all .lb root domains. Remember that the only characters allowed are [ a-z, A-Z, 0-9, - ], any other character would be ignored.

  • The Lebanese Domain Registry (LBDR) is the “.lb” Country Coder Top Level Domain “.lb ccTLD” registry. The LBDR is a closed country testing registry, so to be entitled to apply for a domain name under com.lb, org.lb, edu.lb, gov.lb and net.lb the registrant should be an officially registered and recognized entity in Lebanon and should own the rights to the trademark of the specific domain name in Latin script under class 35 (The Budget Decree number 2391 published on June 30, 2001 in the official gazette volume 31 Item 51 stipulate that the trademark for an LB domain name registration is Class 35 (advertising via the Internet – Name of an Internet Domain). The services of the LBDR are free of charge.


    Currently, the LBDR does not support registration under ".lb" directly. The supported domain names consist of at least 3 ASCII characters and no more than 63 characters. That includes letters, numbers, and hyphens (-).


    The LBDR registry does not provide hosting services, being name servers, mail servers, web servers or any other hosting services. The LBDR registers the domain under the ".lb" zone files and points it to the name servers provided by the registrant.

    The registrant can apply directly or delegate the registration process and maintenance of the domain name to a third party.

    The LBDR services are provided online and by email only. The LBDR does not provide phone support. The LBDR is managed and operated by volunteers.
    The American University of Beirut (AUB) and the Internet Society Lebanon (ISOC-LB) provide pro bono hosting services for the LBDR and are not responsible in anyway for the LBDR governance, management and operation.


    For detailed information on the registration requirements and process, please start by downloading the relevant guides, forms, and templates and if further information/clarifications are needed, please email adminlbdr@aub.edu.lb.


    Notice that domain applications, change requests and inquiries are prioritized by the email receipt date/time and the LBDR dispatches them in that priority. Based on the load, the LBDR response time is 1 to 3 working days for inquiries and updates and 1 to 5 working days for any transaction that requires the review of supporting documents, such as new applications, change delegation, issuance of domain name available attestation and review of trademark certificates, etc.


    Disclaimer - The LBDR reserves the rights to modify the registration policies and procedures at any point in time. The LBDR will inform the registrants of the change of the terms and conditions by email. The new terms and conditions are accepted by the registrant if the registrant does not object within 15 days. Should the registrant object, the LBDR may terminate the domain registration after 30 days or at the domain termination/expiry date.


    Download detailed step-by-step registration guides for a:
    - A commercial entity is applying for a new com.lb domain (PKG-COM)
    - Government entity applying for a new gov.lb domain (PKG-GOV)
    - The educational institution applying for a new edu.lb domain (PKG-EDU)
    - An organization applying for a new org.lb domain (PKG-ORG)
    - ISP applying for a new net.lb domain (PKG-NET)

    Download detailed step-by-step instruction guides to:
    - Update a domain record - Change name servers (UPD-Guide)
    - Change the delegation of a domain - Change admin-c/tech-c (CHG-Guide)
    - Reactivate an expired domain (EXP-Guide)

    Download Lebanese Domain Name Application Forms:
    - LBDR-A Domain Request Form (LBDR-A-FORM)
    - LBDR-B Domain Application Form (LBDR-B-Guide) - (LBDR-B-TEXT)
    - LBDR-C Contact Person Form (LBDR-C-Guide) - (LBDR-C-TEXT)

    - LBDR-E Domain Delegation Form (LBDR-E-Form)

    Sample Registration (for demo purposes only):
    - Lebanese Sample Trademark Certificate (Trademark)
    - Authorization of Agent (Agent-PDF) - (Agent-TEXT)

    Lebanese Domain Name Policies, Procedures & Statistics:
    - LBDR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    - LBDR Compliance with ccTLD Best Practices (LBDR-Practice)
    - LBDR Registration Policies (19990922) (LBDR-Policies)

    - LBDR Reserved and Prohibited Domain Names (LBDR_Reserved)
    - LB Domain Transfer (LBDR-Transfer)
    - LB Domain Dispute Resolution (LBDR-Dispute)
    - Privacy Pact and No Warranty Disclaimer (LBDR-Privacy)
    - LBDR Latest Statistics (LBDR-Stat)